One Ring to Rule Them All

…and in the darkness, bind them. Funny how some of the best shit on Earth was written by nobody in particular (as in not someone others collectively viewed as ‘special’); just a man with a story to tell. The One Ring I speak of is the Ring of Government, the entity meant to keep the peace and serve its people. I think I speak for the vast majority when I say most governments don’t serve the people or keep the peace. Most governments nowadays want to wage war for profit or control their people (whom they view as mere cattle to be slaughtered). Bah, we can talk about how bad something is all day, but actually trying to solve the problem? Preposterous, but I’ll do it anyway.

Games have rules

Otherwise, they are no fun. Life is just a game. We make rules so we have something to regulate the fun and make it more challenging. Without rules, life would be a broken and horrifically unbalanced cluster-fuck. So, we make the rules: who enforces them? You? Me? Like any game the player cannot be trusted to enforce the rules since breaking them is usually beneficial to them. Somebody has to not play the game. Somebody has to have no fun and enforce the rules. This is supposed to be the government. Government people are the referees, the arbiters, the no-fun-allowed kids. They’re supposed to make sure everyone (especially themselves) are playing by the rules.

This whole government thing evolved overtime, dying and reincarnating in the process, until it became what we have today. I speak specifically about the United States of America, although similar governments exist elsewhere. The United States, or USA, has a very weird system where there are three ‘branches’ of government and each ‘branch’ can ‘check’ the actions of the others causing this cris-cross blockage that was supposed to keep itself in line. It failed.

What we got

What we have in the USA is a ‘Representative Republic’ where people vote for volunteer no-fun people to represent them in the government. Many of you kids got duped by your government into thinking you have more of a say than you actually have. The government is actually run not by volunteers people voted for, but by two groups of people nobody voted forthe Democrats, and the Republicans. These groups of kids decided to form an old fashioned party (like a hunting party, not a drinking party, you swine) and use the government for personal gain. They pretend to respect the rules and listen to people. They care more about their agendas and the corporations that back them; stop lying to yourself.

What they want

Both of these parties want completely different things that are mutually exclusive, meaning both things cannot coexist (they actually can, but don’t tell them I said that). If you didn’t read the one bit where I talk about ‘issues’, don’t sweat it: they don’t matter at all! The parties do not give a single fuck who (or even what at this point) you are. They just want your vote. Here is a handy list of what they actually want:

Both parties want:

  1. YOUR COMPLIANCE. So long as you obey, you won’t be on their shit-list.
  2. Your vote. This keeps up their masquerade so you stay compliant.
  3. Your money. Tax money specifically. That way they can fill their coffers for their luxurious lifestyle.

The Democrats want:

  1. Communism for you, Capitalism for us. Just look at China. Democrats masturbate to that shit.
  2. ABSOLUTE CONTROL. You will do what they want, when they want, and how they want. No Free Thinking allowed.
  3. Feed the Cattle. Keep you on the Government tit (welfare, other social programs) so you cannot live without them.
  4. No Morals. Get rid of petty morality to make room for accelerated scientific advancement. You’ll be the guinea pig for their experiments.
  5. A House of Cards. They want to continue to look nice and pretty while the commoners suffer under their heel.

Now those darn Republicans:

  1. Monopoly. For the Grand Olde Party, Corporate rule is a load better than any government with morals or principles.
  2. Company Stores. Sure, you’ll have a few options (no more than 3), but they’ll all be ludicrously priced. Remember to spend your GOP-bucks at one of many fine GOP stores!
  3. Business is Business. Who cares about the colateral so long as there is profit to be had? Don’t have the dosh? Tough luck, kid.
  4. Morals for Profit. Essentially, morality doesn’t apply if the profit margins are good enough. But if it does, that’s just a bonus!
  5. A Fort of Brick and Bone. While the fat cats sit in their mansions swimming in cash, you’ll be in the factory built on the bones of those who’ve died on the job.

Either way is bad, but the cultish attitude portrayed by these so called ‘parties’ makes them more Satanic than anything (which is good for my personal business: debt collection, more on that later). In summary, the Dems are literally Nazis (short for National Socialist Party, look it up) and the Repubs are like the Carnegies or the Rockefellers during all that Industrial Revolution monopoly and union crap (both are still alive somehow, funny that).

What we need

is not a bunch of out-of-touch cunts, for starters. The problem is not with the system of the USA, but the two cults (admit it, they’re cults) running the show. It’s not the National Rifle Association, or Planned Parenthood, or Black Lives Matter, or any of those other interest groups; they are all a symptom of the cult rule we live under. So, the steps for the solution become very simple:

Step One: No More Cults

When you have any human organization exist for a prolonged period of time, they tend to become corrupt (essentially subject to entropy) and have to be cleansed occasionally, like a carpet in a high traffic area. That carpet will get really nasty if you just leave all the spilt milk and wine with all the mud, pet vomit, and other messes all over it. Eventually, you won’t even dare step on that gross-ass carpet because of all the maggots and fungi now growing on the damn thing. You have to take that fucker to a professional cleaner and have it purged of the filth that stains and festers on it. It’s a shitload of work and it can be messy, but a fresh and like-new carpet will be worth the time and effort. The muck and filth is the Democrats and Republicans. It’s high time Americans took their government carpet to the cleaners.

Step Two: Proper Care and Maintenance

Like anything that gets used, carpets and governments get dirty and have to be cleaned, sure. Why would you wait until guests arrive to actually clean your horrific carpet with mold and shit all over it? Preventative maintenance and gentle care can prolong the life of anything far beyond projections. For our government, this is the protocol to follow:

  1. Maintain Infrastructure. That means keep the core of what the government is intact, but modify other components as necessary (The core of the USA is the Constitution and Bill of Rights, just incase you needed a reminder)
  2. Close Loop-holes. Destroy exploits in the system and snuff out any who uses them with prejudice. Anyone caught cheating should be banned from participation (so people in public office lose the ability to hold any public office, people cheating welfare can no longer get it EVER, companies and their shareholders selling defective or misleading products can no longer sell anything, etc.)
  3. Rule of Many. The only instance where socialism is a good thing. All parties start on a perfectly equal ground, starting with the dismantling of the two cults currently in power. No more donations or cash involved. Candidates will go through debates and go on tours to garner support from the people. It is the people’s responsibility to ensure those who become candidates and are voted in represent them. If they don’t, removal should be quick and easy. No public official is ever locked into any position; any and every one of them can be removed at any time for any reason: just like any other job.
  4. No Fun Allowed. Public officials are not allowed to go on extravagant trips or live in fancy houses. They will have these things provided for them akin to whatever the Military gives its grunts. Only the necessities, absolutely no luxuries. They are in that position to serve Americans, not to have $200+ gourmet meals and play Xbox. Their life in office should be like that of a priest or a solider: you live to serve, NOTHING MORE.

Step Three: Constant Vigilance

It needs to become the sworn duty of every living American to keep a sharp eye on the government and those who serve in it. I don’t mean everyone must watch literally everything that shows up on C-SPAN, but keep constant watch on your neighborhood. Evaluate and reevaluate your representatives, your president, and the major officials of departments relative to you (police watch the FBI and CIA, doctors watch the CDC, etc.). The combined expertise of all America will keep those power hungry politicians and officials in check. If and when shit hits the fan, though, you must be willing and able to defeat your own government in combat or in debates. It is truly an eternal war between the few in power and the many who gave them that power. Triple check the facts. Don’t trust just one media outlet. Look at the patterns and uncover the truth. The first step is actually giving a shit.

Tostada Wrap

Follow these protocols to the letter and most of the problems will be sorted out. There are a few actual issues that require honest debates to solve, but that’s for another time. This shit took forever to post because I had final exams to take and shit but I all worked out pretty well. It’s curtainly interesting to see just how bad the Democrats are flexing and jizing on Americans and they lap it all up like a fucking Thanksgiving meal. Meanwhile, the Republicans are just sitting in the shadows: plotting, waiting, and yearning for that moment when they strike gold (figuratively, of course). Everything seems to somehow involves Trump and Russians now; it’s like a goddamn three-ring circus out there (Trump wouldn’t have it any other way. lol). I (and many others) just laugh at the suckers who actually fall for all this bullshit. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if anybody actually listens to me (Lord know they haven’t before, see every religious text ever). As I noted previously, my business is debt collection and whether or not the world goes to shit…

I get paid either way.

Cheers, amigos.



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